May 14, 2015


Ministry Opportunities

We have various ministry opportunities for you! As our 2015 “Now Serving” Ministry Fair tagline says, serve as you are! Your skills, your interests, and all that you’ve been through have shaped you to be who you are right now. Your personality DNA is meant to fill a role in Kingdom work that is meant only for you!

If you’re interested to serve, please sign-up via our Connect Lounge. Form will also be available online soon!

  • Prayer Support Team – Covers the church—including the leaders, attendees, our activities—in prayer
  • Bible Study Leaders – Leads a Bible Study
  • Bible Study Hosts – Opens their house/office for a Bible Study
  • Visitation Team – Goes house-to-house to visit members, attendees and visitors
  • Care Circle Leaders – Leads discipleship groups (Care Circles)
  • Evangelism and Missions Core Team – Conceptualizes and implements activities to reach out to people outside our church via evangelistic events or missions trips
  • Missionaries – Shares the Gospel to unbelievers and empowers fellow believers in various locations here and abroad
  • Encoders – Help encode contents of various forms
  • Office Help – Aids in various office activities as needed (e.g. distribution of flyers, preparing handouts, sorting files, etc)
  • PAM Core Team – Ensures that the church’s physical/equipment needs are met—including purchasing of new items, maintaining existing items, etc
  • FAM Core Team – Conceptualizes and implements fundraising or income-generating ideas to help increase our church funds
  • Equip Team – Involved in the overall operations of the Equip School (teachers, snacks, etc)
  • Equip School Teachers – Teaches during our Equip School every Sunday
  • Operations Team – Involved in the regular operations of HAM including ministry staff requests, EXECOM reporting and training requests
  • Lessons Team – Involved in preparation of lessons for SPM, BS and EQUIP School, including special discipleship materials as needed
  • Program Coordination Team – Makes sure that church services and other special events are well-organized
  • Tech Team – Manages tech operations (computer, sound system) during church services and other special events
  • Décor Team – Gives a special touch to our church services and other special events via decorations, crafting of giveaways, etc
  • Multimedia Team – Creates promotional materials (graphics, videos, newsletters, etc) to make our church attendees and prospective attendees aware of what’s happening at MFGC; documents our church services and other special events via photos and videos
  • Hospitality Team – Makes sure that church attendees feel welcome and that first-time guests are treated with special care and attention
  • Registration Team – Manages our check-in booth every Sunday and special event
  • Music Ministry – Singers and instrumentalists for regular services and special numbers
  • Performing Arts Ministry – Dancers and theater performers for regular services and special numbers
  • Toddlers Teachers
  • Toddlers Marshals
  • Toddlers Caretakers
  • Children’s Church Teachers
  • Children’s Church Marshals
  • Children’s Church Secretary