May 14, 2015


Ministry Opportunities

We have various ministry opportunities for you! As our 2015 “Now Serving” Ministry Fair tagline says, serve as you are! Your skills, your interests, and all that you’ve been through have shaped you to be who you are right now. Your personality DNA is meant to fill a role in Kingdom work that is meant only for you!

If you’re interested to serve, please sign-up via our Connect Lounge. Form will also be available online soon!

  • Christian Education
    • Toddlers Teachers
    • Toddlers Marshals
    • Toddlers Caretakers
    • Children’s Church Teachers
    • Children’s Church Marshals
    • Children’s Church Secretary
    • Sunday School Teachers
    • Sunday School Marshals
    • Sunday School Secretary
  • Evangelistic Ministry
    • Evangelistic Ministry Core Team
    • Missionaries
  • Human Assets Ministry (HAM)
    • Receptionists
    • HR Specialists
    • HAMlets (HAM Assistants)
    • Curriculum Designers
    • Inventory Assistant and Encoders
    • Book Reviewers
  • Programs and Creatives (P&C)
    • Program Coordinators
    • Tech Team
    • Worship Team Singers
    • Worship Team Instrumentalists
    • Singers
    • Dancers
    • Event Stylists
    • Photographers and Videographers
    • Graphic Designers
    • Hospitality Team Members (Greeters)
  • Physical Assets Ministry (PAM)
    • Carpenters
    • Plumbers
    • Paintors
    • Electricians
    • Auto Mechanics
    • Clean-up Team
    • Gardeners
  • Financial Assets Ministry (FAM)
    • FAM Core Team
  • Pastoral Ministry
    • Bible Study Leaders
    • Bible Study Hosts
    • Prayer Intercessors


Did not find your desired ministry listed? Please let us know!

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