May 14, 2015


Life is indeed crazy to do it alone. What better way to go through life than with fellow Christians whom you can trust and learn from? Our Care Circles (or CCs) are small groups of about 4 to 8 people, usually grouped based on age, and can be all-women, all-men or mixed. CCs meet at most once a week to share about their lives and to reflect on God’s Word. Join a Care Circle now! Be cared for, and care for others!


The church is sectioned into 7 clusters to give easier focus to the people within the same area. Below are the groupings and respective Captains and Assistant Captains:

  • 1 – Malanday – Ptr. Noolen Mayo, Sis. Rochelle Valencia and Sis. Dolly Tolete
  • 2 – Concepcion – Ptr. Jhun Agarpao, Sis. Jessa Maglente and Bro. Rey Torno
  • 3 – Parang, Fortune, Marikina Heights – Sis. Ruth Paragas, Bro. Peter Mabanta and Sis. Joy Servillon
  • 4 – Nangka – Sis. Ruth Paragas, Bro. Peter Mabanta and Sis. Joy Servillon
  • 5 – San Mateo – Sis. Rose Atendido, Sis. Josie Austria and Sis. Nina Tabios
  • 6 – Sto. Nino – Ptra. Glo Oyco, Sis. Zoila Duenas and Sis. Tess Tayag
  • 7 – Ibayo and Outside Marikina – Sis. Esther Simon and Sis. Beth Badidles

How to join:

  1. Fill out the CC Info Card at the Connect Lounge @ the Sanctuary. (Sign-ups will soon be available online!)
  2. Your respective Cluster Captain will contact you with details on which CC you will join.
  3. Be there on the CC meet-up day!

Desiring to lead your own Care Circle? Contact your Cluster Captain and express your interest.